News Clips

MAR  9, 2014  Indian River State College hosts the 78th Florida Academy of
                 Sciences Meeting

DEC 31, 2013  The Top 100 People in the Bioeconomy, 2013-2014; plus, the
                         Complete Top 300

APR  4, 2013   UF Researchers Engineer New E. coli Strain That Can Produce
                 Succinic Acid

APR  3, 2013   UF Researchers Improve Process to Create Renewable Chemicals
                 From Plants

Fall 2011       Making Plastics From Yard Waste. K.T. Shanmugam. Explore – Extracts: Research at the University of Florida

OCT    2008   UF Unveils New Alternative Fuel Research Facility

                     Oct 13  the independent florida ALLIGATOR

                     Oct 11 The Gainesville Sun